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CannaVida Flower | The Evolution of Cannabis

Flower (bud) refers to the smokable part of the cannabis plant. Whether you’re packing a bowl, toking a joint, or getting creative with how you imbibe, we’re proud to offer sticky, aromatic, and flavorful strains of premium flower.

We believe the evolution of cannabis begins in the growing facility. At CannaVida, experienced growth technicians tend our plants indoors, without chemicals, using the latest in smart growth technology. Our state-of-the-art facilities balance humidity, temperature, fertilization, and watering to ensure an optimized cultivation process.

Plus, we don’t pick our flower until it’s reached its full potential— there are no shortcuts or cut corners during growth, harvest, or production. The result? Consistently high-quality flower to meet all of your smoking needs.

Don’t see the strain you’re looking for? Talk to one of our budtenders. Because we’re vertically-integrated, they’ve got a direct line to the growing facilities. Here at CannaVida, your taste plays a crucial role in the evolution of cannabis.

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CannaVida Flower Selection

At CannaVida, our experienced growth technicians don’t pick our flower until it’s reached its full potential. No shortcuts. Just premium product.

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Relaxing with Indica Strains

With lower THC and higher CBD counts, Indica strains are ideal for relaxation.

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Sativa Flowers

With higher THC, lower CBD, Sativa flowers are an ideal choice for creative and active projects.

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